Saturday, 19 July 2014

Visiting jane richardson's studio :)

Today I made a sculptural piece from one of my ideas in my sketchbook, I found inspiration from a tree trunk. I loved the knarly texture of it and wanted to repeat this on my sculpture. I rolled clay out onto a surface and then I pressed lots of different textures into the clay. These varied from seeds to plant heads and wood ash . I started by ripping of bits of clay and building them up over a bowl which was covered in cling film , this is so the piece didn't stick to the bowl. When this had hardened up a bit the piece was then taken of the bowl and a prop is placed on the inside due to it being slightly heavier on one part of the sculpture and this was to support the piece.
                                                                     Using paper clay
                                                              I absolutely love this texture!!
My other favourite part is the ends of the trunk